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Are you worried about your health, filter your tap water at home and you can live a healthier life!

Filter your water
Purer water whenever you want with this filtration system placed on your kitchen tap.
Take care of your health
This filter acts as a barrier against impurities and bacteria in the water.
Water without bad taste
It considerably reduces the bad taste and odour of the water coming out of the tap.

About Osmosift Pro

The easiest option to filter water on the spot. The filter is directly attached to the tap and is able to minimise the presence of metals, chemicals and other substances that give water a bad taste.
  • It is very easy to install and use. Significantly improves water quality after passing through the filter.
  • Works with standard taps. Does not fit pull-out, manual, spray style or sensor taps.
  • The Osmosift Pro filter contributes to the reduction of plastics and CO₂, has health benefits and saves money on bottled water.
Don't run out of yours!

Main advantages:

Drink tap water as if it were spring water!
bad smells
This high quality filter is able to remove odours and bad tastes from the water.
It can remove up to 99% of chlorine and substances that affect your health.
Water filtration system mounted on the tap, effective and with immediate results.
Easy to install
Very practical and easy to use. Once the correct adapter is installed, all you have to do is turn on the tap.
The perfect gift
These warm, tactile gloves are an ideal gift for family and friends.


Is it able to remove bad taste from water?
Yes, it reduces substances that alter the taste and odour of water such as chlorine and limescale.
Are there different nozzle sizes for different tap sizes?
Yes, there are 6 different sizes.
Is it difficult to install?
Not at all! And it comes with instructions.
Can it be adapted to a pull-out and oval faucet?
It depends. If it is too oval probably not.
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